It is fair to say that the past few years have taught us a lesson: curling ice is less important to others than it is to us. Nevertheless, our humble website is visited regularly by many people from all over the world, most of whom we don't know, and most of whom do learn something they wish to learn. For this reason we decided to keep the website going and do our best to develop knowledge, advice and new reports on what we know. It might not be everyone's idea of the way forward, but it is ours and we will do our best.

Our advice to new technicians in particular is quite simple. Those who have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to curling ice, will dismiss scientific facts as "irrelevant". Those with a political ladder to climb will dismiss our knowledge and advice as "unimportant". Those who wish to learn about curling ice as new technicians – or older! – can study the information on this website with confidence, because we are all trying to make the best ice we can and use the most reliable information we can find to do so. The rest is, quite frankly, not our problem.

At our recent meeting we agreed to publish, in every detail, a systematic schedule of operations that will enable any technician to install and maintain very good curling ice. This will take time, but it will be done.

The Ice Files

We have noticed that many other sites have adopted our reports. We have no problem with this, information is information. I must ask all of these sites, and potentially others, to at least communicate and tell us about it. Rest assured that I will check the information to ensure that it is correctly quoted and used in the best interests of curling ice.

As always, anyone with a problem or a tricky question can email us and we will try to find the answer. We remain available to make ice anywhere if needed, or to help in any way we can.

John Minnaar

1 August 2012