The SCIG was established by a core group of Scottish curling-ice technicians at Forest Hills Curling Rink on 26 April 2002, who were keen to work together on the development of excellent curling ice.


The SCIG seeks to promote excellent curling ice for the benefit of all. It is recognised that good ice gives good curling and from this every aspect of curling benefits. For curling to advance in the modern era, excellence is essential, and to achieve excellence co-operation is the key.

The principal aim of the SCIG will be the development of excellent curling ice through research, experimentation and communication. The results of its work will be published for the benefit of all ice technicians.

Our website has grown considerably over the past fifteen years. Fortunately the making of curling ice has also progressed from apparent hocus pocus to the scientific approach so evident now. Nothing could give us greater pleasure. But our days are over, we are growing old and have to learn to stand back and allow the next generation to take over. The website will remain active for a few years yet and we hope it will help those still learning, and we sincerely thank all those who have helped us learn.

We wish you good ice, good learning and good curling.

Steering committee

Co-ordinator and secretary John Minnaar
Committee members Steven Kerr
Andy McGlynn